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Anaheim 2018 American Musical Instruments Exhibition held

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                    Anaheim 2018 American Musical Instruments Exhibition held

In 2018 the United States Anaheim International musical instruments, stage lighting and sound development of the NAMM SHOW will be held on from January 25th to 28th, exhibits will cover small musical instruments, large musical instruments, electronic musical instruments, audio equipment, stage lighting equipment, display equipment, instrument accessories and instruments used by the international furniture, is the largest "International Music Products Association (NAMM) host. It is one of the most successful and influential international exhibitions in the industry. The only major competitor of it is the Musik Messe of Frankfurt.

As one of the most valuable and attractive exhibition industry, brands of high density of American International Musical Instruments Exhibition, every year to participating exhibitors, including YAMAHA, Fanta, Roland, Brinkmann, Xinghai Pearl River, Shumil, Sadway, AXL, SUZUKI, etc。 Buffi, the world's most renowned musical instrument company of all exhibitors。 The NAMM exhibition covers a variety of musical instruments and audio products in the music industry。


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