Brand History-Brinkmann/博林克曼钢琴集团

                       Brand History

        1879。 The first BRINKMANN Piano (Boleyn Bechmmann) was born in Germany North of Rhine -Westfalen (West Fallon) Minden (the city)。 Brinkmann piano maker Franz。Brinkmann young Stanway in Germany, Bechstein piano factory, Kops as a designer, work ten years later returned to his hometown in Germany Westfalen/minden。 family founded with the help of his piano factory, and to the family name Brinkmann (Boleyn Bechmmann) named brand piano。
The three core technologies and products of the company include:
The Brinkmann (Boleyn Bechmmann) piano has only the eternal idea in the manufacture of the piano, that is, the quality. Using a carefully designed positioning system, various dimensions of a piano manufacturing process in each make no difference between components with a seamless heavenly robe. It is also this rigorous and rigorous manufacturing process that makes the piano quality of Brinkmann (Boleyn Bechmmann) as eternal as ever, and thus creates the top class piano with first-class acoustics quality.
At present, in the Europe and America and Southeast Asia, there are many medieval piano Brinkmann (Boleyn Bechmmann)。 They are used from live performances to performance hall, and school theater and piano teachers are famous for their ability to maintain harmony in a long time, and the price may be quite high。
Today, Brinkmann (Boleyn Bechmmann) combines the best world ancient harp technology with modern science and technology to set up a quality standard。 Brinkmann (Boleyn Bechmmann) used the best material to make every piano in the past, the present, and the future。

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